Bas van den Ende Recycling is expanding: Acquisition of Plastic Recycling Company

Hoek van Holland-based Bas van den Ende Recycling (BVDER) has acquired Schijndel-based Plastic Recycling Company (PRC). This means BVDER is now 100% owner of PRC. The acquisition of PRC is in line with BVDER’s growth strategy: becoming the leading player in recycling (hard) plastics. This acquisition allows for a more efficient structure and expansion of operational activities. In addition, BVDER is taking major steps towards national coverage.

Dennis Jorissen, former owner of PRC, will join the BVDER board. The PRC company name will be changed to Bas van den Ende Recycling location Schijndel. Following acquisition, the surface area of the Schijndel location will be increased from 8,000 to 27,000 m2. Nothing will change for current PRC employees.

BVDER Schijndel

A leading company when it comes to recycling hard plastics. Based on the ‘People, Planet and Profit’ vision, BVDER is working towards a circular future. In addition to its plastic processing branch for garden furniture, PP crates and bumpers, BVDER Schijndel also has a trading branch.

BVDER Hoek van Holland

As a modern and progressive recycling company, BVDER has access to the latest machines and technology to properly separate more and more raw materials and turn them into high quality regrind. BVDER continues to invest in skilled, enthusiastic personnel and in production lines. For example, the company recently launched a line for recycling Big Bags.

Bas van den Ende

“We are ready for the next step to serve our customers even better. Thanks to this acquisition, our team will expand to 65 employees, which will allow us to process up to 90,000 tonnes of product by 2023.”

Dennis Jorissen

“I’m extremely happy with this acquisition. It will allow us to enable growth in the future and further optimise production processes, ensuring better quality.”

Throughout the acquisition process, the parties were assisted by YEALD. Both Bas and Dennis were very happy with this collaboration.