The number one processor of hard plastics

We recycle your residual products to create a more sustainable world.
BVDER has many years of knowledge and proven experience in the field.
We know exactly what works!

We are proud of our team and work from our vision of People, Planet and Profit.

Quality, efficiency and sustainability are our top priority

From waste stream to end product

Recycling of waste streams is an integral part of today’s recycling processes. Thanks to recycling, we save raw materials and energy, while contributing to a better world. Our company has been a well-known player in the field of plastic recycling for many years now. Every day, our team of passionate employees make their best effort to return hard plastics such as residual products from horticulture, waste containers, crates and pots to the market as high-quality, new raw materials. The aim is to contribute to a sustainable world for future generations.

What we excel at


We recycle numerous hard plastics into raw materials.
In this way, we contribute to a cleaner and safer world!


Our sorting process is unique and unrivalled, both in the Netherlands and internationally. We have access to special machines that enable us to sort our crushed materials in a unique way.

Quality and innovation

Optimisation of our business has our constant attention. By continuously developing, investing and adjusting the process, we are able to safeguard our quality.


: Thanks to our modern production lines, we are able to offer a high-quality end product that is highly suitable for new plastic products.