Why Recycle?

Every day, kilos of waste are thrown away. This waste has a much greater value than you might think. By recycling waste streams, we save raw materials and energy, and we contribute to a healthier environment and a better world for future generations.

As a modern and progressive recycling company, BVDER has access to the latest machines and technology to properly separate more and more raw materials and turn them into high quality crushed materials. We collect all kinds of hard plastics from the horticultural sector, such as drip tubes and pots, as well as consumer waste such as waste containers, crates, toys, etc. Our recycling process complies with the highest environmental and quality requirements. For example, we continuously invest in skilled, enthusiastic personnel and in our production lines. Quality, efficiency and sustainability are of paramount importance to us.

As a specialist in the waste sector, we guarantee the sustainable recycling of your residual flows. Our starting point is always the preservation of raw materials. Thanks to our processes, we reduce the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions. Our recycled raw materials form the basis for sustainable products that you will find in new plastic products or that are used for granulates. In this way, your residual streams regain their value, and we make a real impact on the environment.

The circle of recycling

Recycling literally means ‘to reuse’. Raw materials from waste are reused to make something new. This circle saves both raw materials and energy, and is seamlessly applied and implemented within our company:

Old, hard plastics are brought directly to us, after which we initiate the recycling process. The waste is ground, washed, separated and ground again. This results in high-quality, dried crushed material for use in the manufacturing industry. Here, our products are reused in the production of new plastic products. In this way, we contribute to a safer, cleaner and more sustainable world.